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Development Methodology

Simba Infotech is premium provider of hi-tech web and mobile apps development solution and we are one of the emerging names in the market for Android, iPhone application development. We also work on core PHP, Joomla, WordPress and other open source customization and developments. We at Simba Infotech include seamless processes for our client gratification and maintain integrated relationships. Our execution process for any project manifests simple steps like:

  • Acquaintance of client through various procedures
  • Detailed analysis of acquired project for seamless execution

Process of Development

Design Phase

  • Wire-framing of complete project along with analysis is carried out
  • Interactive client communication to achieve successful results
  • Elegant design of the project in accordance with user interface depiction with click-able prototypes

System Architecture

  • Decision about Framework design and duration of project by our experts
  • Brief layout of work procedure with targeted milestone within stipulated time
  • bulletArchitectural enhancement by technical teams combining all aspects of project

Project Implementation (Development)

  • The existing prototypes during previous phases are coded, programmed and modified during this phase.
  • Successive execution of technical coding steps according to the set milestones.
  • Collaboration of technical aspects to deliver efficient product.

Testing and Debugging

  • It is a post development phase necessary for quality check
  • At each and every milestone the testing process is crept in by our expert team of Quality Assurance.
  • Optimized results are achieved at the end of testing phase to launch the final product.


  • The imperative phase of entire methodology process is launching of the finalized product from client in the market.
  • Becoming live online is final touch to the finish of the project sustenance.